A few tips for ensuring you get the best web design possible

A successful website design depends upon a strong relationship between client & designer. We love working with clients to produce a design that is both visually appealing, and one that delivers a good return on investment.

We both have a role to play in the creation process with website design often becoming subjective with the client not understanding the broader context – or why, we, as designers, make the decisions that we do.

Below are a few helpful suggestions for ensuring that you receive the best website design possible.

Give your design team as much information and context as possible!

We’re often though of as merely, ‘pixel pushers’ that paint pretty pictures online. In actuality, we’re ‘digital problem solvers’.

Don’t worry so much about spelling out the exact content you want on your website, in what order and where each image should go. You’re paying us good money to handle these details for you!

Instead, focus on providing with as much good information and context as possible. Who is your ideal customer? Who is S/he? (age, gender, tech-savvy?, location etc). What problems do you solve for them with your business? What are their complaints/concerns? What do you do that your competitors do not? Why should a customer deal with you? How do you currently advertise and promote your business? What kind of tone you wish to convey with your brand.

Answering these questions and more really helps us to put together design ideas and functionality that are the best for your business and your customers.

What do you want to achieve by having a website? What does your website need to do for you?

First and foremost, a business website should be designed to meet marketing goals and business objectives. Your website design should certainly be aesthetically pleasing, but it’s important that it deliver the kind of functionality you and your customers need above all else.

Don’t worry so much about specific design details and layout. You’ve hired us, as design professionals to do that for you. If we’re provided with goals, objectives and the general tone you’d like to use to represent your brand, we can utilize our experience with hundreds of projects to produce design solutions that meet those objectives.

If you’re not sure about a design, ask yourself, “Does this meet my business objectives?”, “How will my ideal customer respond to this website?”

Be willing to put your own personal biases aside. This is about giving your customers what they need.

As mentioned above, design can be very subjective. We all have our own opinions of what looks good, colours, fonts, graphics etc.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t particularly matter what you like, your cousin likes or your dog likes. It matters that it works well for your customer. Comic Sans may be an appropriate font for your child’s birthday party invitations but chances are it’s not going to work for your customers, and it won’t help your brand reputation online.

If there is a problem with the design, focus on the ‘why’, rather than recommending specific solutions.

We do get it wrong sometimes. With a good, clear brief and plenty of discussion early on we normally hit the mark first time without any unexpected surprises. If you do however, notice an issue with your website design try to figure why it doesn’t work for you.

It’s much more efficient if you can explain the context of the issue to us and then we can use our professional expertise to change the design accordingly. Often, it’s not as simple as moving a sidebar around or changing the way the navigation works. With web design there are many factors that influence how a website can be designed and laid out. Leave the hard work up to us, that’s what you’re paying us for after all.

e.g We’d much rather hear, “I think that particular font size is going to be a bit tricky for my customers to read, many of them are seniors and have difficulty reading online.” Than, “Make the font exactly 32pts.” We use different measurements for font size online and your particular design may be utilizing technology such as cufon font replacement for instance.

Utilize the research.

With all design work we always utilize research that has been carried out on marketing, usability, interface design and browsing habits.

There are a lot of web design myths out there that you don’t need to worry about. One such myth is the ‘page fold’. A concept that has found it’s way online from the print world. Users can and do scroll websites. There’s a lot of research supports this and if you’re not sure yourself – give this site a try : Life Below 600

It can always be changed

Don’t sweat every little detail. Our sites are designed with a great Content Management System which makes basic updates and changes very easy! Once your site has been up and running for some time you’ll start to gain valuable feedback from your customers that can inform future design changes you might like to recommend to your design team too.

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