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Helping Businesses Succeed Online is Our Speciality

Although the basic goals of marketing and advertising in New Zealand are to gain exposure, increase sales and grow your existing client base whether you are marketing online or offline, there are a few advantages with online marketing that offer a great return on investment.

internet marketing

Advantages of Internet Marketing

Greater Exposure – You are capable of reaching a vast, global market

Cost Effective – Using services such as Pay Per Click advertising, you pay much less than you would to advertise in traditional media and you only pay when someone clicks.

Niche Targeting – We can fine-tune your advertising so that it is display to a targeted demographic.

Flexible – Online advertising can be changed easily at any moment and updated to suit new offers.

Customer Capture – Buyers who are already interested in your niche – If someone is searching with your keywords online, there’s a good chance they will be interested in your internet advertising.

The Goal :

Attract potential customers
Get attention & provide valuable content
Be compelling enough for that visitor to perform a chosen action

We Can Help You :

Pay Per Click Advertising
Email Marketing & Newsletters
Social Media advertising
Custom Facebook Fanpages, Twitter pages and YouTube templates

social media marketing

Let Us Help You Increase Conversions

Conversion Rates

Website conversion rate refers to the process of capturing a visitors attention for long enough to convert them into a buyer or taking a preferred method of action e.g sending an email enquiry or signing up for a newsletter.

Google Adwords & Pay Per Click

Google Adwords is the most popular ‘pay per click’ advertising service online. It allows businesses to quickly and easily run ads that are displayed at the top and alongside Google search results and also in other areas right across the google network such as Gmail. There is no monthly or setup cost. You only pay when someone clicks your ad. We can help you to setup Adwords Campaigns that target the right keywords and have a great ROI.

Email Newsletters

A great way to keep an ongoing relationship with your client base and increase repeat business is through regular email newsletters. We can provide an easy system to collect email addresses and provide helpful information and offers to your client base that will increase your sales.

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