Thoughtful & Effective Web Design

thoughtful and effective website design and web design

Creating thoughtful and effective websites is at the heart of Fancypants Design and is our greatest area of expertise. We can handle every aspect of your website project from start to finish. We do branding, graphic design, photography, development, design and hosting, all internally, so you never have to worry about the hassle of dealing with multiple parties. By keeping everything in-house we can offer very competitive rates and an efficient design process.

With hundreds of projects and over a decades worth of experience we’ve gained a solid understanding of usability, interface design, aesthetics and user behaviour, informed by many guiding principles and industry best practices. These aren’t just buzzwords; together, these design principles form the blueprint for a website that will have maximum appeal and a positive impact on your business. By adhering to these tested and proven design principles we can guarantee that your website will be easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and optimised to meet the goals of your project.


  • We are results driven

  • Thoughtful and effective design

  • Built with a state of the art CMS

  • Flexible, with new features easily added

  • Built with best design & marketing principles

  • Works well on almost all devices and browsers

  • Our team has over ten years experience

  • Wide variety of social analytical, marketing and research skills on staff


  • Design that is optimised for your target customer. They will feel at ease browsing your site.

  • Customers can quickly and easily navigate your site to find what they’re looking for and get in touch with you faster than any of your competitors.

  • A website that you can easily update content on.

  • A well balanced design based on best practice and design rules means your content will really stand out from all of the tired, old websites that are difficult to read.

  • An online presence brings a new level of professionalism to your brand and will attract new customers.

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